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Andrew Williams is a senior practitioner of criminal law who has had years of experience representing clients in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Children’s Court of Western Australia.

Andrew Williams completed a Bachelor of Arts from Murdoch University in 1998 and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Notre Dame in 2002. Since then he has worked predominantly in the area of criminal law. He commenced his career as the Associate to a very senior Judge in the Supreme Court of Western Australia working in this capacity on many high profile criminal cases. Since then he has worked for Queens Counsel at Sir Francis Burt Chambers, and practiced law in a criminal law firm until 2008 when the law offices of Andrew Williams were first established.

Andrew Williams is a member of the indictable criminal lawyers panel for Legal Aid, and he has been a member of The Law Society of Western Australia. He brings to the practice of criminal law the following attributes:

Expertise – A depth of experience having represented clients on countless criminal law matters at all levels of seriousness and in all WA court jurisdictions.

Understanding – Andrew Williams understands and appreciates the emotional impact and trauma that criminal charges can have on a person. He is compassionate in his approach and has the utmost respect for his client’s privacy, and reputation.

Consideration and Preparation – Andrew Williams takes the time to consider and fully understand your matters before providing you with an honest and direct assessment of your case. He is thorough and detailed in his preparation to identify and clarify the factual and legal issues arising in each case. He explores all possible avenues vital for a defence or sympathetic understanding of your case.

Communication – Andrew Williams keeps you fully informed of all matters in the development of your case. His office will send reminders of your next court appearances and confirmation of what stage you are at in the court proceedings. He communicates with you in an up front, honest and direct manner each and every step of the way.

Representation – Andrew Williams provides committed and determined representation in all courts at all levels and for all types of criminal or traffic related charges. He will stand by you and fight your charges comprehensively to achieve the most positive outcome.

Fair, Reasonable and Competitive Fees – Andrew Williams’s legal costs are reasonable and competitive. From the first consult he will provide you with an estimate of your fees and ultimately provide you with a fixed and capped fee.