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Violence Restraining Order (VRO) Proceedings

What is a Demoestic Violence Restraining Order?

A Violence Restraining Order (VRO) is an order of the court which tells the offender to stay away from a person and/or to stop behaving in certain ways towards a person. The order is designed to stop threats, violence and emotional abuse from occurring immediately in the future.

If you are in a relationship or a situation where you are receiving threats, have experienced violence, or emotional abuse is occurring, you require the services of a VRO lawyer in Perth. Andrew Williams provides representation to applicants in Violence Restraining Order (VRO) proceedings. He helps to ensure an order from the court is made for the respondent to stay away from or cease to behave in a certain manner towards the applicant.

Essentially there are two types of VRO’s:

  • The first involves a situation where the person protected by the VRO is in a family or domestic relationship with the person against whom the order is made.
  • The second involves a situation where the person protected is not in a family or domestic relationship with the opposing party, but where the court finds that there has been an act of abuse or personal violence committed against the person seeking to be protected and becomes satisfied that such an act of abuse or personal violence is likely to occur again in the future unless the person is restrained.

The Court can order that a VRO be made final if a respondent does not object to the order being made. Usually the consent is made without any admission of the allegations made by the applicant. Alternatively, where the respondent objects to the order, evidence is then heard in court. If the applicant, in these circumstances, can prove that there are reasonable grounds for the application being made and that they are in need of protection from any acts of abuse, the court will order that the VRO be made final.

There’s Been A VRO Application Made Against Me

Our firm acts for both applicants and respondents in VRO and Misconduct Restraining Order matters. If an individual makes an application for a VRO against you, it is your right to object to the order being made final. In these circumstances the matter is adjourned to a trial date where both parties attend and give evidence.

An interim VRO is generally put in place by the court in the period leading up to the final order trial date. A VRO is a civil matter and does not carry a criminal conviction. However breaching a VRO is a serious criminal offence and the legislation now provides for a mandatory term of imprisonment in specific instances.

Need A VRO Lawyer In Perth?

As a VRO lawyer in Perth, Andrew Williams understands the emotional impact that going through the VRO process can have on an individual. If you want to initiate proceedings for a Violence Restraining Order or Misconduct Restraining Order application contact us for sound and comprehensive advice and assistance in moving the case forward and achieving the best possible result.

The Law Office of Andrew Williams will provide sound advice on the best path to take for each and every individual case carrying its own particular set of circumstances.

With a commitment to quality representation, Andrew Williams himself has gained a solid reputation as one of the leading VRO lawyers in Perth. His prior success and track record in these matters speaks for itself.

Please contact us today to discuss your matter.

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