How important is your drivers license to you and how will suspension or cancellation of the license affect your employment, family life, and ability to get from one place to another?

Traffic Law in Western Australia is strengthening up and becoming increasingly strict on road users across the state. The laws on road safety and traffic are becoming more complex and can lead to difficult and complicated legal issues arising. The penalties for traffic offences can include tough fines, the cancellation or suspension of your license, and even imprisonment in serious cases such as aggravated reckless driving and failing to stop. Engaging an experienced Traffic Lawyer to act on your behalf is vital if you’re seeking professional advice and representation in defending traffic charges, negotiating with the prosecution, or in presenting to the court a plea in mitigation. Legal counsel presenting a plea in mitigation to the court on a guilty plea often involves submissions being made in an effort to encourage the Magistrate to impose the minimum license suspension period and fine and not to impose a suspension or fine which exceeds the minimum penalties.

What type of traffic offences can you help with?

The Law Offices of Andrew Williams provides representation for all types of offences in contravention of the Road Traffic Act of Western Australia. There is not a driving or traffic offence matter that Andrew Williams has not previously defended or acted on. The firm has years of experience handling all types of traffic law matters, including, but not limited to, Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death or Bodily Harm, Driving whilst Suspended, Reckless Driving, Hoon Driving, DUI, and Extraordinary Drivers License applications.

We represent people who have been charged with Traffic Law matters, including:


What are the penalties I could face?

Traffic Offences often attract tough penalties including mandatory cancellation or suspension of driver’s license, vehicle impoundment, heavy fines and, in some instances, imprisonment. Many of the clients that come to Andrew Williams have misjudged their consumption of alcohol and the level of intoxication before driving. They are often law abiding people who have exercised poor decision making and consequently found themselves charged with a drink driving offence. It often creates situations where the client’s reputation is at risk which requires the protection of an experienced traffic lawyer in Perth.

Which court will my matter be heard in?

Generally most traffic charges such as driving under suspension, dangerous or reckless driving, and other hoon law charges are heard and determined in the Magistrates Court. However more serious offences which involve reckless, dangerous or negligent driving and result in death or grievous bodily harm are heard in the District Court and these offences attract tougher penalties. A conviction for these types of charges can ordinarily result in a term of immediate imprisonment.

The Principal, Andrew Williams, represents clients in all courts for criminal and traffic related charges. Andrew places great emphasis and importance on communication and ensures his clients are kept fully informed and guided in an honest and direct manner throughout the judicial process. As an experienced traffic and driving offence lawyer, Andrew is passionate and determined in attaining the best possible outcome for his clients. He is a phone call away and will provide sensible, easy to understand legal advice as well as committed and determined representation on all traffic and driving offence matters. Contact Andrew today to discuss your traffic matter.

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