Depending on the charges you are facing, to hire a criminal lawyer in Perth is to put your reputation and your future in the hands of another person. Often, you will be placing this immense trust in the hands of a person that you don’t even know personally. Needless to say, making the decision of which lawyer to hire is in many ways, the most important decision you will ever make. Taking the time to consider your options carefully is pivotal. These key questions can help you to tell the difference between a qualified lawyer who wants to help you and a lawyer who is only in it for the money.

The Essential Questions

Question 1. Can you tell me about your credentials and experience?

When you hire a criminal lawyer in Perth, you are essentially hiring an employee or a contractor to work for you. As a result, some of the questions you ask will have an almost job interview feel to them. This one, which enquires into the lawyer’s education, certification, expertise and career experience is especially important. Where did your lawyer go to university? What kinds of cases have they worked on in the past? What specialties do they have in the legal profession? In most cases, a good lawyer will proudly present this information to you without being asked. For instance, Andrew Williams, the managing lawyer at the Law Offices of Andrew Williams shares his educational credentials, work history and expertise on this page.

Question 2. How much is your practice focused on criminal law?

As you search for the right legal representation for your case, remember that there are a lot of different types of lawyers and law firms out there, many of which focus on areas of the legal profession other than criminal law. For a criminal defence, you want a lawyer whose focus is primarily in criminal law. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, criminal and traffic law are our two focuses, with most of our cases having to do with criminal charges.

Question 3. Will you be the lawyer to handle my case in court?

With big law firms especially, there are so many partners and associates that the lawyer you meet with initially might not necessarily be the person who represents you in court. While these firms have plenty of qualified people, it can be unsettling to have your case shifted to a different lawyer at the last minute. With that thought in mind, ask your prospective lawyer if they will be the one representing you in court. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, every single client hearing or court date is overseen by Andrew Williams himself. The relationship between a client and their lawyer is a personal, sensitive subject and we want to preserve the integrity and trust of that relationship.

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