Providing Expert Representation

The Law Offices of Andrew Williams’ lawyers are well known for their commitment to their clients and know the stress and emotional impact criminal charges have on an individual. That’s why at Andrew Williams, communication is a highly valued component of the client solicitor relationship. The Principal (Andrew Williams) will gain a clear knowledge and understanding of each unique case presented. His reputation, respect and success within the industry speaks for itself.

What Qualities Should A Perth Criminal Defence Lawyer Have?

It’s important to choose the right lawyer from the start. The wrong lawyer can add stress to an already highly emotional situation. The following qualities in a criminal lawyer are those that are important to look for when deciding on a criminal defence lawyer in Perth and other regions of WA:

Communication – The interaction between the lawyer and client is of great importance. A criminal defence lawyer should be able to communicate effectively in order to attain a solid relationship built on trust and respect. Communication will enable the client to get a clear understanding of the often long and drawn out judicial process ahead, and any potential issues that may arise along the way.

Understanding – The experienced criminal lawyer will understand and empathise with the often stressful and emotional impact the charges can have on an individual. They should have the utmost respect for the clients’ reputation and livelihood, and explain to the client what can be done to avoid exposure and maintain privacy during the judicial process.

Consideration & Preparation – A criminal lawyer should grasp and carefully consider the factual allegations giving rise to the charges before providing the client with an up front, honest and direct assessment of their case. They should be thorough and detailed in their preparation to identify and clarify all the factual and legal issues that are likely to arise during the judicial process. Every possible avenue should be explored for a defence or sympathetic understanding of the client’s case.

Representation – The criminal defence lawyer should be prepared to provide committed and determined representation in and out of court, as well as be able to communicate their argument in a sensible, proper and logical manner. The defence lawyer should have the experience and skills necessary to craft and present a compelling and favourable argument, working towards a staunch and successful defence to the criminal law case.

Experience – Experience is an important attribute for a good criminal defence lawyer. It’s a vital component for achieving high quality representation and may be helpful to find a similar case in which the criminal defence lawyer has been successful. Andrew Williams has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Federal and State criminal law. His experience and ability to communicate with his clients ensures they receive high quality advice and explanation of the law.

The Criminal Defence Lawyers at Andrew Williams Have a Sound Reputation in Perth

When choosing a lawyer, it’s also important to recognise the qualities the firm has to offer. Traits such as communication, ability to negotiate, understanding, consideration, preparation, and committed and determined representation are qualities one should be looking for in their criminal defence lawyer. Andrew Williams has a solid reputation for success, and can offer all of these skills and more.

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