In WA you can engage a private lawyer to represent you while Legal Aid WA fund your case. The law office of Andrew Williams is a private law firm that is generally engaged by clients on a private basis. However the firm also represents clients who are granted legal aid assistance to fund their case. Andrew Williams’s experience in Criminal Law has enabled the firm to be placed on Western Australia’s indictable criminal lawyers panel. Consequently Andrew Williams offers legal representation for clients who are eligible for legal aid assistance.

A grant of legal aid enables the client to be assisted in the payment of legal fees to the private lawyer by Legal Aid Western Australia. Andrew Williams can assist in the preparation and lodgment of the application for legal aid assistance. Eligibility for the assistance is means tested and will also depend on a number of matters including the applicant’s current financial situation, the income the applicant receives, the applicant’s assets including bank balance, home, vehicle or any other valuable items that the applicant owns, weekly living expenses, whether the applicant expects to receive a lump sum payment from anyone in the proceeding 12 months, and the level of seriousness of the charges. The merit in the application and whether the applicant is likely to be successful following a trial is also taken into account.

It is an offence to provide false information in an application to Legal Aid. Legal Aid WA will often request proof of the applicant’s current financial situation by asking the applicant to supply documentation such as bank statements. Legal Aid WA may also enquire as to whether there is anything else that may affect the applicant’s eligibility and entitlement.

In the event that you are represented by Andrew Williams on a grant of legal aid the continuation of the grant is conditional upon you informing us of any change in your financial position such as new employment, informing us of any change in your residential address and whether there are any other changes to your personal situation that may affect your entitlement to have your case financially assisted by Legal Aid.

Eligibility for legal aid is strictly means tested and entitlement will depend upon the matters mentioned above. However Andrew Williams offers competitive private client rates to clients who are not eligible for Legal Aid assistance.



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