When you are arrested and charged with an offence, call the Law Offices of Andrew Williams. As a top Perth criminal lawyer, Andrew can help you to attain bail, prepare a compelling defence and argue your case in court. However, when you are on trial for a crime, it is important to remember that fighting the charges and proving your innocence in the eyes of the court is just a single part of the battle. The other part is protecting your reputation and proving your innocence in the view of the general public.

The Devastating Effects of a Criminal Charge

Especially for public officials or well-known business people, criminal charges can be devastating. Regardless of innocence or guilt, a criminal allegation can send your reputation into a tailspin. Of course, a conviction will do far more damage. Criminal offenders are often (and unfortunately) viewed with a stigma by everyone from employers to landlords.

However, if and when rumours about your criminal charge become available to the public, other people will start convicting you and condemning you, even if your trial is still ongoing. These rumours can hurt your credibility and cause people who know you to question what they know about you. If you operate a business or are the face of a company, the ramifications of this erosion of trust can go beyond your personal life and start affecting your professional life, your business relationships and your ability to earn an income.

How the Right Criminal Lawyer Can Protect Your Reputation

At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, we aim to maximise our client’s opportunity for success by highlighting the flaws and inconsistencies in the prosecution case. A case often turns on the smallest piece of exculpatory evidence. That evidence may come to light early, following a careful analysis of the prosecution brief. The prosecution brief may also contain evidence that is clearly inadmissible and so would be unable to be led by the prosecution at trial.

These situations often provide the opportunity for written submissions to be sent to the prosecution urging a discontinuance of the charges on public interest grounds. If the submissions are accepted, it enables you to get on with your life quickly without the stigma and stress of criminal proceedings and without the unfair consequences of your reputation being tarnished any further.

As well-known criminal lawyers within the Perth community, we treat our task seriously. Our ultimate task is to protect and preserve your rights, your reputation, and community standing. We have a compassionate and genuine understanding of our client’s predicaments and needs. That understanding is founded in one the fundamental cornerstones of our criminal justice system; that every accused person is entitled to the presumption of innocence. We believe that every person has the right to defend their charges and that no one should have their reputation tarnished because of allegations alone.

Have you recently been charged with a crime, or do you believe you may face criminal charges soon? If so, contact the Law Offices of Andrew Williams today for legal counsel and services. You can reach us on (08) 9278 2575.