When you hire a lawyer to defend you against criminal charges, you don’t just need an experienced legal professional who knows the ins and outs of criminal law. You also need a person you trust implicitly to handle your defence and protect your reputation. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, we believe that we are the criminal lawyers for you. From credentials to strong client relationships, we have every attribute of a law firm you can trust. Here are five reasons to consider us as your legal representation.

Why Andrew Williams?

1. We view you as a person, not a number:

One of the biggest problems with the average law firm today is that clients are thought of in terms of numbers and dollars. Lawyers like to count clients, billing hours and potential earnings, and sometimes, this obsession with numbers and money leads to a less-than-satisfactory lawyer-client relationship. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, we never treat you as a number, but as a person. Andrew Williams is a respected legal professional in the Perth area largely because of the way he invests himself in his cases, gets to know his clients and provides a robust, compassionate defence.

2. We have a broad range of expertise:

The Law Offices of Andrew Williams are versatile Perth criminal lawyers. We are ready and willing to take on criminal cases involving: drugs, burglary, theft, assault, fraud, homicide, arson, sexual offences, offences against a child and more. Our considerable experience and expertise make us an ideal legal counsel for any charges in the criminal sphere.

3. We keep the communication lines open:

One of the issues with lawyers or firms that chase client numbers and billing hours above all else is that their organisation and communication suffer. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, we familiarise ourselves with your file and make ourselves available to sit down and discuss your case. We understand that being charged with a crime is a stressful and scary experience, we are happy to answer any questions or help alleviate any concerns you may have.

4. We will protect your reputation:

Press coverage and other exposure of your legal proceedings can do a number on your reputation and public standing long before you have even been found innocent or guilty. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, one of our top priorities is minimising the public exposure of your case and legal proceedings, to keep your reputation intact.

5. We offer reasonable legal fees:

In most cases where clients have horror stories about past legal representation, those horror stories have to do with inflated or overbilled legal fees. At the Law Offices of Andrew Williams, we do not believe in milking each case and client for every dollar possible. We are committed instead to offering legal costs that are competitive and fair.

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