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Disqualified or Suspended Driving

If you have been caught driving with a disqualified or suspended license in Perth, contacting an experienced traffic lawyer is strongly advised. A consultation with a knowledgeable solicitor is a good first step in the process of understanding the court process, possible defences and the likely outcome of your matter.

These types of driving offences are considered serious and the penalties can be severe particularly for repeat offenders who face a potential suspended or immediate term of imprisonment. For a first offence the risk of imprisonment is low unless the offence was committed in aggravating circumstances such as driving under the influence of alcohol. You may have a reason as to why you drove which, if communicated to the court, can serve to mitigate the seriousness of the offence and help minimise the disqualification period and the fine imposed.

What penalties could I face?

The penalties for driving under disqualification vary depending upon the offence itself. It may be that you were driving under a demerit point suspension, a court imposed suspension, or a fines suspension. Driving under a court imposed suspension is considered very serious by the courts as it is a disregard of a court order.

If the traffic charges involve driving while disqualified or suspended, engaging a traffic lawyer is strongly advised because the penalties can be serious. A traffic lawyer can advise on:

  • the seriousness of the charge,
  • what defence might be available,
  • what the consequences of conviction might look like, and
  • the minimum period of disqualification that the court imposes for the offence.

What should I do now?

Our traffic lawyers are based in Perth and understand that being charged with a criminal offence can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. We provide direct and open communication, sound advice and high level advocacy and representation in all Western Australian courts. Andrew Williams Lawyers explore every possible avenue to ensure that each client is presented a staunch and comprehensive defence.

Andrew Williams represents clients in all courts for criminal and traffic related charges. As an experienced traffic and driving offence lawyer, Andrew is passionate and determined in attaining the best possible outcome for his clients charged with a criminal offence. He is a phone call away and will provide sensible, easy to understand legal advice as well as committed and determined representation on all traffic and driving offence matters. Contact Andrew today to discuss your traffic matter.

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