Types of criminal charges we handle

Regardless of the seriousness or type of charges you are facing, the authorities will constantly be moving forward in the process of attaining evidence to support the allegations relating to your criminal charges. The judicial process moves fast so it’s important to consult with an experienced Perth Criminal Lawyer and Barrister to ensure that your rights are protected and your defence and future is safeguarded. Here at The Law Offices of Andrew Williams I provide you with a thorough and detailed initial consultation, discussing the charges, the penalties involved, and the chances of a successful defence to your criminal charges. I will provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that you receive the best possible advice and legal representation.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Perth

I have extensive criminal trial experience and had numerous criminal trial victories. My past success in the presentation of proper and logical defence arguments speaks for itself. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offence and need an experienced and determined Criminal Defence Lawyer in Perth or regional areas of Western Australia contact the Criminal Law Offices of Andrew Williams as soon as possible. I will ensure that you receive a comprehensive and meticulous assessment of your case and that all avenues are explored to either mitigate the consequences of the criminal charges, or have them dismissed altogether.

My Promise to you

Unlike some law firms I won’t treat you like you’re just another number. I know that facing criminal charges can be daunting. It can be a traumatic experience because your whole life and reputation is at stake. The Law Offices of Andrew Williams will work tirelessly to help protect your reputation and your rights. I will sit down with you in a confidential office environment and answer each and every one of your questions, queries and concerns. I will make you feel like you are going through this process with the strong, and capable backing of a criminal law professional. That’s the feeling I endeavor to instill in my clients.

What next?

If you’re looking for a Criminal Defence Lawyer and Barrister in Perth who will provide expert advice and will work hard to protect your interests, you’ve found it. I am here to guide and you through this difficult chapter of your life and work towards achieving positive results.

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We frequently provide advice and representation for cases requiring legal aid in Perth. Visit our legal aid page for more information.

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