Careless Driving Charge, WA

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Section 62 of the Road Traffic Act WA states “Every person who drives a motor vehicle without due care and attention commits an offence”. The maximum penalty for careless driving is 12 penalty units ($600). If you are a probationary driver however you stand to have your licenced cancelled.

Driving without due care and attention often involves situations where the driver has had a momentary lapse of attention or concentration.  Careless driving cases may therefore involve a variety of situations such as missing a stop sign, or your vehicle deviating over a double line or lanes on a freeway, taking your eyes off the road to talk to a passenger or look at your phone. Ultimately careless driving occurs when your obligation to drive safely is affected by a lapse of concentration.

The fact that a vehicle has an accident and crashes is not in itself enough to prove that there has been a lack of due care and attention by the driver. However an exercise in common sense would suggest that a driver who fails to see a give way sign and consequently crashes with another car is likely to have been driving without due care and attention.

What Do I Next?

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